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Kiki Lounge

A tropical hideaway tucked beneath the not so sunny streets of Douglas. We serve cocktails, rum + good old fashioned fun.

We compliment our tropical treats with an eclectic soundtrack of vinyl only beats.

Come for the cocktails, stay for the dreams.

     


Peggy’s was an extra fancy discotheque — a late bar with a dancefloor.

Our influence was 90’s pop-culture meets Studio 54. Our DJ’s play disco and house, with the requisite Spice Girls, Scissor Sisters, Britney and Bowie.

Essentially all that dazzles, era to era, high to low.

Peggy’s was open from 2018 to 2021.


Moonlight Club
Stuck somewhere between the 80’s and 00’s.

Running from May 2022 to June 2023, Moonlight Club was a late bar with a dancefloor that served up cocktails, dreams and smash hits. It played a range of music, that spanned the decades of 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.

Originally popping up for one month in May 2022, the broad appeal made Moonlight an instant cult classic.

Heartbreak Motel

The temporary home for the heartbroken. 

Running from February to April 2022, Heartbreak Motel was themed around a sleazy, yet seductive 70’s motel. Guests were encouraged to bring “as much baggage as they can carry” and to “take as many hot photos to put on the gram to let your ex know what they’re missing”. Set to a soundtrack of “hot single girl” classics, with a loved up drinks menu of inspired serves and an innuendo riddled menu of saucy hot dogs.

Filthy Animals
Parents are gone. House is empty. This year we’re partying like Filthy Animals!

Running from November to December 2021, Filthy Animals was a pop-up Christmas bar, themed around the iconic 90’s festive flick ‘Home Alone’. Guests were told to expect: nostalgic 90’s throwback vibes, booby-trapped cocktails, hunky Santas, ‘Little Nero’s Hot Dogs’ and a whole load of other festive shenanigans.  The venue aimed to offer an alternative to the dry, drab and oh-so conventional work’s Christmas dinner.